Rina's Commissions

Prices are Listed in USD $$ || Paypal and Google Wallet Accepted

Terms of Service
!!By commissioning me, you are agreeing that you have read and accepted this ToS!!

★ I reserve the right to to refuse a commission.
★ You may only repost any art I do for you if you're the paying commissioner or referenced as someone the picture was for. Proper credit and tagging/linking to me should be given!
★You may crop your commission for use as an avatar.
★A due date must be discussed and agreed upon before the start of your commission if you must have it within a certain time.

These are base prices. Prices may increase for complex characters, fashion, and objects.

prices are per character!

Full cg

Portrait | Bust: $30
Knee-Full Body: $40
Chibi Art: $30 ($45 for couple)


Traditional Work

Default size: 9in x 12in
Copics | Watercolor | Conte | Sharpie

Portrait | Bust: $45
Knee-Full Body: $60
Chibi Art: $30

No complex backgrounds accepted.

Shipping charges vary and will be added to your commission cost.


Headshot: $6
Full body: $10
Couple: $20

Headshot: $12
Full Body: $20
Couple: $35

How to order


Alternate Methods

Information Needed:
Method of Payment
Type of Commission: CG, Tradtional, Chibi, Sketch
Up to Date References (pictures or text)
A Clear Description

The Process
!!If you're ordering a sketch you will need to pay up front. No exceptions.
1) Initial sketch will be created. Once acceptable, I expect payment. This is when you can request major changes such as pose, layout, and size.
2) You'll be updated regularly. These are your chances to request smaller changes.
3) Finished piece. You have 2 chances to request edits. After that, the picture is considered complete.


Q1: How long does it usually take to finish a commission?
I generally do not go over 2 weeks. Alas, due to work, college, and military I may take a little longer. You can message me any time for progress updates. Just don't be rude.

Q2: NSFW Art?
I do it. There will be restrictions on what I'm willing to do, but we can discuss that in private. I will not shame or disclose anything brought up even if I turn down the commission. There WILL be an extra charge, usually $5-$10 more for NSFW art.

Q3: Can I repost my commission?
Yes you may. Please do not crop out my signature or do choose to use a watermarked version. Proper credit and linking to one of my accounts should be added.

Q4: Can you do my commission in [Artist's] style?
No. You're paying me to draw in my style. If you see something in MY gallery you want me to try and replicate onto your picture, you may request it.

Q5: What do you "prefer" to draw?
I personally enjoy doing male characters more. Kenomimi, elves, making up fantasy fashion, and frilly magical girl or lolita clothing.

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